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Context: A new mineral has been discovered inside a diamond unearthed from a mine in South Africa.

Prelims: Current Events of national and international importance.
Mains: GS I-

  • Salient features of the world’s physical geography.
  • Distribution of key natural resources across the world (including South Asia and the Indian subcontinent);


  • Scientists have found a small rock inside a diamond from South Africa. The tiny rock contains a mineral that has never been found before. This new substance might reveal some of the unusual chemical reactions taking place inside the mantle of the Earth.
  • The mineral has been named goldschmidtite, after Victor Moritz Goldschmidt, the Norwegian scientist acknowledged as the founder of modern geochemistry.
  • Goldschmidtite has an unusual chemical signature for a mineral from Earth’s mantle. While the mantle is dominated by elements such as magnesium and iron, goldschmidtite has high concentrations of niobium, potassium and the rare earth elements lanthanum and cerium.


Please Share with maximum friends to support the Initiative.

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