Institute of Eminence

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Context: The Human Resource Development Ministry has awarded the status of the Institute of Eminence to the IIT-Madras, the IIT-Kharagpur, Delhi University, Benares Hindu University and the University of Hyderabad, said an official statement.

Concerned Ministry: Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Mains: GS II

Institutes of Eminence:

The move is a part of the government’s scheme to provide the regulatory architecture for setting up or upgrading of 20 Institutions (10 from the public sector & 10 from the private sector) as world-class teaching and research institutions called ‘Institutions of Eminence’.


  • This will ensure complete autonomy to the selected institutions and help them grow more rapidly.
  • The institutions will get more opportunities to scale up their operations with more skills and quality improvement so that they become World Class Institutions in the field of education.
  • To achieve top global rankings, these Institutions shall be provided with greater autonomy to admit foreign students to 30% of admitted students.
  • The public institutions under the IOE tag will receive a government grant of ₹1,000 crores, while the private institutions will not get any funding under the scheme.
  • The institutions can also recruit foreign faculty up to 25% of faculty strength and offer online courses up to 20% of its programs.
  • The institutions can enter into academic collaboration with other top 500 rankers in the world ranking Institutions without permission of UGC.
  • The institutions will be free to fix and charge fees from foreign students without restriction.
  • They will have the flexibility to design course structure in terms of a number of credit hours and years to take a degree.

Criteria for selection for IOE tag: 

Global/National Ranking: Only those institutions which have appeared in any of the global/national ranks shall be recommended for the IoE status.

Greenfield Proposals: Only after exhausting the above criterion, if any slot remains vacant, consideration shall be given to yet to be established (Greenfield) proposals.

Objectives of the scheme: 

  1. to provide for higher education leading to excellence and innovations in such branches of knowledge as may be deemed fit at post-graduate, graduate and research degree levels and award degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions;
  2. to engage in areas of specialization to make distinctive contributions to the objectives of the university education system wherein the academic engagement is clearly distinguishable from programmes of an ordinary nature and is tuned to developing the capacity of the students and the researchers to compete in the global tertiary education marketplace through the acquisition and creation of advanced knowledge in those areas;
  3. to provide for high-quality teaching and research and for the advancement of knowledge and its dissemination through various research programs undertaken in-house by a substantial number of full-time faculty and research scholars in diverse disciplines;
  4. to pay special attention to teaching and research in unique and emerging areas of knowledge, including interdisciplinary areas, which are regarded as important for the strategic needs of the country but are not being pursued by conventional or existing institutions so far, and award degrees, diplomas and other academic distinctions.
  5. to aim to be rated internationally for its teaching and research as a top hundred Institution in the world over time.

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