Nar-Par Tapi River Interlinking Project

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About Par-Tapi-Narmada inter-state river link project:

The projects envisage a transfer of surplus water of rivers in Maharashtra and south Gujarat to feed the command area of the Miyagam branch of the Narmada canal. It will save water in the Narmada dam, which will be taken to Saurashtra and Kutch.

The project is aimed at diverting “surplus” water from parts of west-flowing rivers like the Par, the Nar, the Ambika and the Auranga basins in Maharashtra.

Besides providing irrigation benefits to the enroute command and Narmada command, the link will generate hydropower of the order of 93.00 Mkwh through the powerhouses installed at four dam sites viz. Jheri, Paikhed, Chasmandva and Chikkar and in two feeder canals taking off from Dabdar and Kelwan dams. The reservoirs will also provide flood relief to the people residing in downstream areas.

The project of the Par-Tapi-Narmada link generally falls in the state of Gujarat except for the Jheri reservoir which falls in Maharashtra state. Jheri dam is located in the Nasik district of Maharashtra while remaining dams viz. Mohankavchali, Paikhed, Chasmandva, Chikkar, Dabdar, and Kelwan dams are located in the Valsad and Dang districts of Gujarat.

Protests against the project:
Protests have started in the tribal-dominated districts of Dang, Tapi, and Valsad against the interlinking of the Par-Tapi-Narmada river basins in Gujarat and Maharashtra. They are opposing the project because tribals will lose their land. Tribals settled along the river bank have developed the forest land allotted to them into agricultural farms by incurring substantial expenditure. With the construction of the reservoirs, their farmland will be submerged and they will lose their income. It will also result in their displacement

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