Samajho Prelims test series (SPT) 2023 now launched.

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Message from Mr. Rohit Dagar, our CEO @ Samajho Learning | Delsquare Sigma Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Hi everyone,

Samajho Prelims Test Series 2022 was a big success with 4,000+ students showing trust in the Samajho Team, me, our platform & our content. 

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I really hope you have stayed strong, both physically & mentally, during these hard times of COVID-19. All of us have seen ups & downs recently but together we are designed to weather the storm that we have faced with things now getting better.

UPSC's preparation is similar. It is a long marathon that requires patience & determination along with the right path & direction.

I have taught lakhs of students for UPSC Civil Services Exam out of my passion for teaching & over the last so many years, we co-founders at Samajho Learning, all 3 of us being Engineering batchmates from NSIT, Delhi University, which is one of the best colleges in India & having worked at top MNC at Top Roles, realised that UPSC preparation has certain flaws which no Coaching Centre would ever point out to their students

What is this flaw?

The biggest flaw is that you are being continuously made to believe that this is the toughest exam in the world. There is no one-size-fits-all here. 

Many students clear this exam multiple times but they might fail miserably in other exams where anyone else could outperform them. 

It is not the toughness which one has to focus on but the right approach which will help you gain more experience and maturity towards the approach required for this exam.

It is a race against time & not difficulty level as the syllabus is huge & a targeted approach helps save time.

Also, out of all the popular Test Series available on the UPSC platforms, very few have built the Test Series Platform themselves (in-house Software Developers) according to the need of the students.

Eventually, you get low-quality analytics, features, graphs etc. even though you may get good questions in the test series but what is the benefit if you can't analyse and improve on your weak areas?

We worked tirelessly over the last 4 years to take our content quality to the next level and enhance it with a top-notch Test Series Portal built by our in-house Development & Content Team with a guarantee that all your data will always remain encrypted and will never be shared with anyone.

Some of you must be annoyed why you are getting calls from some random coaching institute when you have not signed up for their call.
We understand this concern & hence, we never ask for your contact number to ensure that the trust of our students remains intact.

Right! Finally Samajho Prelims Test Series 2023 is live. We call it SPT 2023. Here are the features:

  • 35 Mock Tests of 100 Questions each (Total 3500 MCQ) are available both on Samajho App (android and ios) & Test Portal (Website).
  • General Studies (GS) + CSAT.
  • UNLIMITED Attempts for each Test are allowed whenever you want during the subscription once the Test is published on the scheduled date. (We will bear the Extra Server & Data Storage Cost on Cloud).
  • Subscription will be till Prelims 2023.
  • Video Lectures by Rohit Dagar sir for Mock Test's discussion.
  • Video Lectures by Rohit Dagar sir for MCQ Solving Techniques.
  • Video Lectures by Rohit Dagar sir for solving Previous Year UPSC Prelims Papers subject-wise.
  • Language: Test Series (English only) & Discussion Lectures (Hinglish = English+Hindi mix).
  • The most detailed analytics ever (much more detailed & refined than any UPSC Test Prep Platform in India):
    • Download PDF of questions & solutions after attempting the Test (detailed yet revision-friendly)
    • Score + Accuracy + Time-Spent on each question.
    • All India Ranking (based on 1st attempt)
    • Performance in each subject throughout the Test Series.
    • Performance in each difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard Questions) throughout the Test Series.
    • Comparative analysis of how others are performing across the same parameters.
    • Troublespots section to help you identify your weak topics (most accurately).

Join Now to experience the easiest and most fruitful way to crack UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam with Samajho's Trusted Content & Rohit Dagar sir's guidance.

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Test Series will also be available on the Samajho App.

There are a few things I want to guarantee on a personal level & as the CEO of this Company of wonderful employees.

  • The quality of questions & lectures would always be above our already high standards.
  • This is not just about practicing questions and seeing reports. I will make sure that I guide you before each Mock Test through lectures to help you with What to Study, How to Study, Where to Study from for each portion of the Syllabus & then rectifying challenges faced.
  • The Schedule is designed in a very planned manner to help you prepare much before the exam, leaving you enough time for Mains & Optionals.
  • Our analytics has been coded with our Patented Algorithms to accurately find out even the Topics that you are weak in (not just Subjects).
  • We have made sure that the Introductory Cost is much lower than the available Test Series out there in the market.

MRP is INR 8999 only. 

We are offering a 30% discount for a limited period. Discounted Price for early birds = Rs 6299

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See you in the Prelims Test Series Batch. Best of Luck!

– Rohit Dagar

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