SMAP 2021 Free | Day 20 | Mains Practice Question on Case Studies

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Nandini hails from a medium-sized town in eastern India. After completing a course in communications, she got a job with a small advertising agency in a metropolis. Finding accommodation is a great problem in any big city. Luckily, an elderly couple, allowed her to stay with them as a paying guest. Nandini struck with friendship with a few girls working with her and occasionally joined them for spending the leisure hours she got from her heavy schedule. They have been staying in the metropolis since quite some time. Initially, Nandini was fascinated by their behaviour which seemed to be free from the inhibition and diffidence of small-town girls. The anonymity of girls in the metropolis and its permissiveness added to their sense of freedom. She noticed that people tended to generally ignore one another, and that each person remained within the cocoon of his narrow personal world.

Gradually, Nandini began to feel uneasy about her friends. They seemed to ridicule, though not in so many words, her conventional and rustic background. They were amused by the bindi she put on. They hinted that she should dress in modem style. Nandini was really troubled when she came to know that they consumed alcohol and some of them even experimented with drugs. Her real shock came when she learned that two of the girls were living with male partners without formal ties of marriage.


Realising the risks of friendship with her newfound friends, she cut down her contacts with them under the pretext of heavy work pressure. Most of the girls left her alone, but one of them confronted her. She accused Nandini of avoiding them deliberately. She advised her that their job are unconventional and creative and presuppose play of spontaneous artistic impulses. She added that their creativity can blossom and their work can be original only when they rid themselves of conventional behaviour patterns. She went on to add that such morals are shackles that a patriarchal society puts on women. She concluded by urging Nandini to give up her small-town mindset and adopt the lifestyle of the artistic swingers in the metropolis.

How should Nandini respond to this piece of advice from her friend? Justify your opinion.

250 words | 20 marks

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