Telegram Editorial Compilation: October 2022

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1. No discrimination – Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion Right for Single Women

2. Boxed in – RBI, Repo Rate and Inflation

3. Every drop counts – Review of the Jal Jeevan Mission

4. Feed Security – On fodder shortage5. Exhuming new light – This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine

6. Don’t lure, persuade – Making poll promises accountable

7. A synthetic click – The Nobel Prize for Chemistry

8. Status beyond faith – Extending SC status to all those who have historically suffered discrimination and untouchability

9. Building resilient mineral supply chains – Energy security

10. The Upside Risk – The status of central government tax collections and its analysis

11. Falling short – CPI trends and RBI’s Responsibilities

12. Virtual Exchange – CBDC in India- Advantages & Challenges

13. Smash hit – NASA’s DART ( Double Asteroid Redirection Test)

14. Food day as a reminder to ‘leave no one behind’

15. Gone girls – violence against women

16. Whose pleasure? – Another Episode of Tussle Between the Governor and Chief Minister

17. A new lease of LIFE for climate action

18. Checks, no balance – China blocked India’s proposals to list terrorists on the UNSC 1267

19. The MSP card – Hike announced is just right to induce farmers to sow wheat

20. Vital Intervention – Supreme Court verdict on hate speech

21. A renewable energy revolution, rooted in agriculture

22. Check & Play – Role of Competition Commission of India (CCI) in ensuring free competition in the digital market

23. Green Signal – GEAC’s recommendation of “environmental release” for DMH-11 Mustard

24. At COP27, move the needle on climate action

25. United against terror – Delhi Declaration

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