January 2021 Editorial Compilation

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1. Global antitrust and the challenge of Big Tech

2. Emphasising self-reliance in science

3. Many Vulnerabilities

4. Overzealous threat

5. The shipping sector is at sea

6. A case to dispose of mercy petitions swiftly

7. Privacy and Surveillance

8. True empowerment of the electricity consumer 

9. Removing the creases in housework valuation

10. India-Nepal relations in a new transition 

11. The threat of deep fakes

12. The unravelling of liberal globalism

13. Being tethered to bars during a pandemic 

14. A new global playbook

15. The correction 

16. Terror trail

17. Decoding Cuba's currency reforms

18. Dialogues for democracy, lessons from Rajasthan 

19. Reclaiming SAARC from the ashes of 2020

20. The front seat in electric mobility

21. Misunderstanding the MSP 

22. The importance of social interactions 

23. Boosting India with maritime domain awareness 

24. Changing contours of India-U.K ties

25. The dark step of writing hate into law 

26. Quality gigs, a solution to urban unemployment 

27. An anti-disclosure amendment that hits public health 

28. The broken bonds of democracy 

29. The 5G Great Game

30. Notes from a year of unease

31. Article 356 and an activist judiciary 

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