March 2021 Editorial Compilation

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1.The Vital but delicate task of reviving the Iran deal

2. The anatomy of a spring ceasefire

3. The distress sale of national assets is unwise

4. Crime and Context

5. Railways and a question of transparency

6. The contours of the endgame in Afghanistan

7. Quad: strategic opportunity or quagmire?

8. Regulation redux

9. Working towards climate justice in a non-ideal world

10. The job crunch and the growing fires of nativism

11. Poll position

12. Responsible AI- the need for ethical guard rails

13. Aligning a missile deal with destination Manila

14. Aadhaar as a hurdle

15. Doubling down on a resilient India

16. Delhi's administration as the tail wagging the dog

17. Water, the looming frontier

18. Remove the wedges in India-Bangladesh ties

19. India does not shine when only some gleam

20. Time to make the water switch

Please Share with maximum friends to support the Initiative.

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