Monthly Editorial Compilation: November 2023

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1. Welcome assertion – Supreme Court's Deadline for Disqualification Proceedings: A Step Towards Judicial Assertiveness 

2. Virtues of planning – India's Vision 2047: A Roadmap to Becoming a Developed Nation

3. Slowing momentum – Economic Momentum Slows as Core Industries and Manufacturing PMI Indicate Subdued Growth

4. The IITs are overcommitted, in crisis – Looming Crisis in India's IIT System

5. Giving the urban Indian a better life – Urgent Need for Sustainable Urbanization in India

6. More light, less sound – A Festival of Lights Should Not Become a Festival of Noise: A Call for Effective Noise Pollution Control

7. The problem with the ‘70 hours a week’ line – Counterproductive Push for a 70-Hour Workweek in India

8. Taiwan, a Malacca blockade and India’s options – India's Strategic Dilemma in the Strait of Malacca

9. Chip off the block – PLI Schemes for Semiconductor Manufacturing

10. Revamping the criminal justice system to fit the bill –  Analysis of the Government's Proposed Bills to Replace Core Criminal Laws

11. Enhancing representation, for a just electoral system – Strengthening India's Democracy: A Path to Enhanced Representation and Accountability

12. A Norwegian perspective of India’s digital journey – Leveraging Digital Public Goods to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals: Lessons from India

13. Life over death –  Parliamentary Panel's Stance on Death Penalty in Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita: A Missed Opportunity for Abolition

14. Branded, generic and the missing ingredient of quality –  Over-the-Counter Medicines in India: Issues and Challenges

15. State of the economy — temper the euphoria –  India's Economic Growth: A Cause for Concern?

16. Steering road safety in India back onto the right lane – India's Road Safety Crisis: A Silent Pandemic

17. Making sense of the employment challenge – Can India Simply Work Longer Hours to Achieve Economic Growth? A Critical Analysis

18. Alarming countdown – UN's Broken Record Report: World's Commitment to Climate Action Falls Short

19. Listen to the people, not the numbers –  Indian Economy's Income Problem and the Need for Job Reservations

20. The impact of violence on a child’s mind –  Impact of War on Children and the Need for Education for Peace

21. No vote for veto – Supreme Court's Ruling Curtails Governor's Power to Withhold Assent to Bills

22. Fleet electrification to tackle urban pollution –  Tackling Air Pollution: Embracing Electric Trucks for a Sustainable Future

23. Not a panacea –  Demands for Reservation by the Maratha Community in Maharashtra: A Tale of Socioeconomic Churning and Intra-Community Variations

24. The challenge of maritime security in the Global South – Adapting to Evolving Maritime Security Challenges in the Global South

25. Social justice, sexual education, the need of our times – Social justice, sexual education, the need of our times

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