Details about SMAP 2022 Initiative (Samajho Mains Answer Writing Program)

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SMAP's new Streak is here.
As you might know that SMAP runs in streaks of 50 days each & twice a year. The last streak was from June to September 2021. It is time to start the 2nd SMAP Streak for this year starting on 31st October 2022 and will end on 13th January 2023. (Each Streak runs for 10 weeks & then we take a pause for a few weeks to help students work on their weak areas/topics).

Here is the Schedule for this Streak: CLICK HERE

Thousands of students participated in the Free SMAP 2020, 2021 & 2022 program over the last 5 Streaks & we can proudly say it was a big success with two toppers emerging out of the Program in just a few months (Srishti Singh got AIR 78 in UPSC CSE, A. Sasya Reddy got AIR 214 in UPSC CSE & Pinkey Debnath got AIR 5 in Arunachal Pradesh PCS).

SMAP = Samajho Mains Answer Writing Program

Also, we did a Poll on our Telegram Channel & Youtube Channel and found out that more than 90% of students wanted SMAP to start asap for 2022 & there was an increasing demand to refine it further and make it bigger than last year.

Right! So Introducing our state-of-the-art unique Mains Answer Writing Program for the masses to learn the art of Answer Writing and maintain continuity in their preparation. 
You can call it SMAP or S-MAP (Samajho Mains Answer Writing Program) 2022.

FEATURES OF SMAP 2022 (2nd Streak)

FULL SCHEDULE FOR SMAP 2022: Click here to download PDF

Read the flow carefully. Make sure that you have joined our Telegram Channel & have the Samajho App installed. All announcements and links would be shared on Telegram.
Answers will have to be submitted on our website only (dedicated page for each question). Read this on how to Participate & Upload Answers.


  1. We'll post 1 high-quality question per day at this link & our Telegram Channel.
  2. Questions will be from GS 1-4 portion of the Mains Syllabus.
  3. It will run from Monday to Friday for 10 weeks (25th October 2021 to 31st December 2021) which accounts for 50 days & hence 50 Questions overall (1 Question per day)
  4. Question & its link from our website would be provided early morning (7 AM) over our Telegram Channel & inside Samajho's Corner Latest Posts on the Samajho app.
  5. You will have up to 9 hours window to write your answer and upload it in the Comment's Section of the dedicated page for that question. Although, you must only spend 20 to 30 minutes doing so.
    1. All students shall submit their answers and review each other's answers until 4 PM.
    2. Students must give an upvote to the answers that deserve it.
  6. After 4 PM, our Experts will pick 1 Best Answer of the Day.
  7. This Best Answer will be pinned & updated in the Shortlisted Answers category inside Samajho's Dedicated Page for that question. 


We started Paid SMAP in July 2021 and the demand has sky-rocketed for Samajho's Corner Premium Membership (Participation in Paid SMAP is through Samajho's Corner Subscription only)

Here are the features:

  1. You need to enroll in Samajho's Corner to participate. Click to enroll.
  2. There will be 2 Questions per day posted at this link & our Telegram Channel.

  3. Monday to Friday for 10 weeks (31st October 2022 to 13th January 2023) which means a total of 100 Questions over 50 Days (2 Questions per Day).
  4. Each answer will be evaluated by Samajho’s Expert Team. All Experts are hired & trained through a strict and rigorous process under Rohit Dagar sir's supervision. All Experts have scored high in Mains previously. For example, one of our evaluators Sasya secured AIR 214 this year.
    1. Feedback
    2. Score
    3. Guidance
  5. Both Answers must be submitted on the same day for evaluation.

  6. Model Answers by Samajho’s Expert Team for both answers every day.

  7. Samajho's Corner comes with various other features as well:
    1. 1600+ PDF notes (Static + Current) covering full syllabus for Prelims + Mains.
    2. Guidance lectures are available on the Samajho app.
    3. 18 months subscription ensures that you get access to multiple SMAP Paid Programs by paying for just one.

If this excites you, simply join our Telegram Channel & wait for further announcements. Spread the word like never before. Make sure it reaches anyone and everyone who might need it.
Write to us at [email protected] for queries.

Best of Luck!
Stay Safe.
Team Samajho

Please Share with maximum friends to support the Initiative.

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