UPSC Daily Editorial Analysis | 18 April 2022

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What the article is about?

  • Talks about the renowned scientist Dr. Nayudamma and his contribution; birth centenary year (1922)

Syllabus: GS-III Science and technology; Government policies and initiatives.

Dr. Y.Nayudamma:

  • Dr. Y. Nayudamma, Padma Shri recipient, noted scientist, former Director of the Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai and former Director-General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
    • His work, contributions and philosophy threw distinct light on various issues concerning science and technology.
    • He had outlined a clear set of goals and objectives and the values that should guide their progress.
  • As a renowned leather scientist, Dr. Nayudamma made a pioneering contribution to changing the face and the nature of the tannery industry in the country.
    • He reflected on how science and technology could make a difference in making this profession widely acceptable.
    • He succeeded in this by enabling the removal of the stench and improving the skills of those involved in this job.
    • He promoted leather products to improve the incomes of tannery workers.
  • In the process, he proved that the application of science and technology could help in enhancing the economic viability of the activity to which these tools are applied, besides promoting more gainful employment.
    • Dr. Nayudamma was clearly an agent of social change. 

Other Major influences:

  • Talking about the need for empowerment of all sections of society, Dr. Nayudamma- in one particular context- said that if a woman has a bank account, she would be treated differently and respected in the family.
    • This is clearly at the core of the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) under which about 50 crore bank accounts have been opened to enable financial inclusion and empowerment.
  • Self-reliance was at the core of Dr. Nayudamma’s philosophy.
    • This is also the essence of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative (a vision of self-reliance)
  • Referring to the provisions of the United Nations Charter, Dr. Nayudamma had emphasised the point of enabling all to live in dignity, have worth, equality of rights, better standards of life, security, etc. with the participation of all in national endeavours.
    • This is the underlying principle of the philosophy of ‘Sab Ka Sath-Sab Ka Vikas-Sab Ka Prayas’. 

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